In Spring hill Target shopping center
  Wednesdays -6pm-9pm   TBA 
Sunday Brunch bi-weekly
    Spring Hill TN 11-2pm TBA
Call to confirm or resevations

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“Rick Armentrout plays Unforgettable Music from the great American Songbook. It is the theme under which he brings listeners some of the best songs from the 20th Century! Although he has a duo, trio and band for any occasion, in his solo show Rick utilizes the Boss RC-20 loop pedal to enter each guitar rhythm chord section, this allows him to free style his solo guitar work producing a very full sound.

   The Third Coast band is back into action with the return of core member Keyboardist Mike Mayco. He'll be hammering that Hammond organ at all the shows along with our great drummers and saxophonist, so come and fasten your seatbelts for evening full of fun and improvisation of blues rock anytime we're promoted. As we pay homage to the great with tribute songs, it still never to loud!

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  Vanh Dy's Speakeasy & Bourbon Lounge 
              Fine dining & Live Music
       Thursday - Friday - Saturdays   TBA
Exquisite 5 star dinning and entertainment @the square-Columbia, TN 615-398-6555
BB King and I on his bus       an interview 2013 
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